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Happy Chanukah or Is That Hannuka or...

I have been wishing my Jewish friends a Happy Chanukah... but before too long, we end up in a discussion over how to actually spell the name of the holiday. So it was with a considerable chuckle that I read Helen Kennedy's brief article in the NY Daily News today:

"Chanukah ... Hannuka ... Hahfuhgedit!"

Either way, every way, a very happy holiday to all!

Comments welcome.


I find it amusing that the wikipedia article says that in Hebrew it is either 'חנכה' or 'חנוכה'.

The LeeVees have a great song, "How Do You Spell Channukkahh?" It's funny, but it's also good music. (The LeeVees is a spin-off, part-time band made up of members of Guster and The Zambonis.) You can hear the song on the band's website: www.theleevees.com. Enjoy.

Jamie, Shawn, thanks for the chuckles. The LeeVees stuff, Shawn, was new for me. Hilarious.