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Happy Birthday, S.I. Ferry

I took my first ride on the Staten Island Ferry on a hot summer night when I was a kid. It has always provided the most breathtaking view of New York harbor.

And it's still the cheapest and the best boat ride in New York City.

Today, the Staten Island Ferry celebrates its Centennial!

Happy Birthday!

Comments welcome.


Ah, Staten Island Ferry. I've taken it four or five times - for I always missed the Statue of Liberty Ferry, which stops at about 3pm.

"And it's still the cheapest and the best boat ride in New York City."


I've only taken the Ferry once, on my first visit in 1986 to your beautiful city. What a rush! I still have the photos of those proud Twin Towers, who loomed like friendly giants, such a proud symbol of our grand nation. Those photos, and the pictures in my memory, make me a little teary-eyed now. I did not have the opportunity to visit your magnificent city again until after the attack, and I could not bring myself to take it again--the skyline fills me with such an aching sense of loss. Even so, the Ferry is such a wonderful NYC experience.

Hope you continue to be on the mend, Chris.


Hong, Peri, thanks for your comments, as always.

Peri, I actually took this photo from the S.I. ferry; I use it as the opening for all of my WTC remembrance essays (start here).

It's a sense of loss that is virtually universal around here.