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Aquaman, Serenity, and Utopia

Things are still moving in slo-mo around here, but I took the opportunity, while convalescing, to tape and watch last night's "Smallville" episode.

Readers of Notablog should know that, since childhood, I've been a fan of Aquaman. I know, I know. What can I say? I'm, uh, different.

The folks at "Entourage" were having a field-day with an Aquaman sub-plot.

But last night, the folks at "Smallville" delivered a more serious treatment: Aquaman made a guest appearance on the show and it was fun.

While I've been a long-time fan of Aquaman, I can't say the same for either "Firefly" or "Serenity": I've never seen a single episode of the former, and have yet to see the latter. Many people I know have been raving about it, so maybe someday. (I'm long familiar with actor Nathan Fillion, however; he played the character "Joey" on "One Life to Live" for a while.)

Not being familiar with "Serenity," I nevertheless enjoyed this article by my pal, Ari Armstrong. And any guy who connects certain themes in the movie with Sciabarra's work on utopianism in Marx, Hayek, and Utopia has obviously endeared himself to me for life.

Read Ari's article in its entirety.

Comments welcome.


You have to see the movie, Chris. It has everything a good movie needs humor, love, tragedy, some hand-fights and a libertarian theme ;)

It's definitely one of the few outstanding movies this year, because it employs plot elements that are usually forsaken by Hollywood in favor of a wider audience.

Hope you're feeling better, and are recovering quickly.

I knew you'd be alright, there was no way you were going to miss Aquaman's small screen debut!
Get your rest.:)

Good to see you posting again Chris :) Smallville is a great show!

I will take your advice and try and see "Smallville for this week. I watched the first couple of years but have stopped. Thanks for the tip. Glad to see you're posting.

Hi Chris!

Please make a mental note that I've added mine to the chorus of voices that in your hearing praise the TV series, Firefly (which is available on DVD in better form than the one in which it first aired), and the movie, Serenity, which my wife, Cherita, and I have thoroughly enjoyed. I do hope you can given them a try someday.