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Ben-Hur: A Tale of A Great DVD Collection

Readers of Notablog are certainly familiar with my life-long love of the 1959 film version of "Ben-Hur," as expressed in essays such as this one.

As I mentioned here back in May, a 4-DVD collector's edition of the great William Wyler-directed film has just been released today. The digital restoration and sound have made this one remarkable release. There are many wonderful extras, commentary by film historians, a music-only track showcasing the immortal Miklos Rozsa score, trailers, newsreels, screen tests, Academy Award Ceremony highlights, several fabulous documentaries, including a brand new one entitled "Ben-Hur: The Epic That Changed Cinema." And on top of all this, you get the magnificent 1925 original silent version, starring Ramon Novarro and Francis X. Bushman, with its Carl Davis orchestral score.

This is an utterly superb collection. Do not miss it. I am awestruck by this DVD's clarity and quality. And I'm still in love with every aspect of this great epic (and I told the Miklos Rozsa Society Forum the same thing).

Also: Check out the Cool Warner Brothers Promo Site!

Comments welcome... but don't waste time! Go get the DVD collection now!


That DVD collector's edition is a must!

It certainly is... I'm plowing my way through it right now. The digital transfer is sparkling, and it is wonderful too to see a DVD version of the classic 1925 silent version.

BTW, I really like the way they blended previous commentary from Charlton Heston (featured on a previous DVD version) with brand new commentary from film historian (and pal), T. Gene Hatcher, with whom I've had nice correspondence for many years. I have yet to see the documentaries (which feature another correspondent and pal, Bruce Crawford).