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Peter Jennings, RIP

This is not going to be a post about media liberal bias, or the waning days of the Network News Anchor. This is not going to be a post about the changing nature of news in the cyber-age.

It's just a note to mark the passing of ABC newsman Peter Jennings, 67, who headed the anchor desk for two decades.

And for those two decades, I was a regular watcher of Jennings. I remember his Millennium coverage with special poignancy. Whether I agreed or disagreed with him, I liked his graceful and classy manner.

Jennings died of lung cancer; having lost my own mother to that horrific disease, I can only send my condolences to the Jennings family.

Comments welcome.


Hey Chris,

I share your sadness at Mr Jennings' passing - his show goes out in the UK on BBC News 24 (a rolling news/current affairs service).

I wrote a little bit myself on my own blog here.

and also on SOLO HQ (in respose to an article by Tibor Machan.)