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A New Yankee Stadium?

I watched the whole YES Network press conference, with all those self-congratulating politicians, as the Yankee brass unveiled their plans for a new Stadium, this one a retro-design that harks back to the original 1923 cathedral of baseball. Okay, so the team foots the entire $800 million price tag. But ... the stadium will no longer be located on its original hallowed sports ground. It will be built across the street on the land of Macombs Dam Park and John Mully Park.

They're playing with "the House that Ruth built." This will no longer be the ball field of Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, or Berra. I'm sure it will be pretty. And I'm glad it's staying in the Bronx.

But I got the jitters already.

If you've not seen the original, you've got till the 2009 season.

Comments welcome.


Chris, it's worse than jitter-inducing. It's a sacrilege. The only good news here is that Stein isn't sticking the taxpayers with the bill, but it's really a shame that future Yankees will not get the chance to play on the field played on by Gehrig et al. I'm too libertarian-oriented to propose that state coercion be brought to bear to prevent this atrocity, but we should still point out to everyone who'll listen that it's a bad move. Just because one has the right to do X, doesn't mean that X is the right thing to do.

You're right, Aeon.

You know, I thought of alternative logistical scenarios. With the Mets building a new Shea, apparently, and needing to vacate to Yankee Stadium during the rebuilding period, it's not as if the Yanks could go to Shea (like they did in the early 70s, when Yankee Stadium was being renovated).

But what has happened to the process of building in the city of New York is this: Regulations, Regulations, Regulations. Everything is burdened by controls of some kind. Back in the early 1930s, it took 1 year and 45 days to build the entire Empire State Building. Surely a Stadium can be built in less time than that.

Well, if you've not gone on that Yankee Stadium Tour yet... GO. As soon as possible: