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"Ben-Hur": A Tale of a New DVD Release

Readers know from this essay that I've long considered "Ben-Hur" to be my favorite film of all time. Some months ago, I was contacted by those involved in the production of a new mega DVD release coming out in September 2005. I gave them a lot of information for their Collector's Edition, but I doubt I'll make the credits. :)

In any event, a very nice press release comes to me via film historian and producer Bruce Crawford. Bruce was interviewed for the new documentary, and another pal of mine, film historian T. Gene Hatcher, offers commentary. Check out information on the new "Four Disc Collector's Edition" here. It will even include the 1925 silent version!

Comments welcome.

Update: I mentioned this at the Miklos Rozsa Forum as well.


Wow, that looks amazing, Chris! Can't wait. My VHS copy is deteriorating (as are all my VHS movies of course).
BTW, what's the latest on a DVD release of "We The Living"?

Hey Aeon... it sure does look amazing.

As for "We the Living," I have heard something about a DVD release, but nothing about a date yet. I'll be sure to announce it the moment I learn more!


Hey Chris,

Not my personal favourite, though I do enjoy the movie greatly and will probably buy the DVD when it comes out here.

"I gave them a lot of information for their Collector's Edition, but I doubt I'll make the credits. :)"

A lot of special edition DVDs come with short "booklets" of information where they sometimes acknowledge assistance and such (at least they do in the UK...I assume it's the same there?), so if there's one with this release perhaps they'll at least put a "thank you" to you in there?


Hey, Matthew, I would like to think so! But even if not... I'm just delighted to see this film get the grand treatment. We're headed toward its 50th anniversary in a few years...