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And the Winners Are...

I am talking about two winners, actually: The winner of Jeopardy's "Ultimate Tournament of Champions" and the winner of the "American Idol" competition. And for the benefit of those who have Tivo'ed or taped these programs, I offer my comments in the extended entry.

They're calling Brad Rutter the all-time champion in cumulative cash winnings on any game show in history. And, in truth, Rutter earned it over the last three days of competition, wherein he faced off with Jerome Vared and the guy who is now the second biggest winner in game show history: Ken Jennings.

Okay, fine. But Rutter is no Ken Jennings. Take a look at all the records Jennings set here, in more than 75 appearances on "Jeopardy." It's simply remarkable. Yes, Rutter didn't have Ken's luxury of appearing in more than 5 games (the old limit for potential winners), but 75+ is simply ... unbelievable.

As to that other contest, "American Idol," well, it seems this is just not my week to pick winners! Carrie Underwood defeated Bo Bice. I still think Bice was the better pick, but the season in general had a slew of disappointments, and I don't think it quite delivered on its promise to field the strongest group yet. I suspect time will tell, since many of the also-rans from other seasons have gone on to recording and acting careers. It remains to be seen if the current crop, which will be touring in concert this summer, truly delivers.

Comments welcome.


American Idol!?

I would rather spend an hour in the same dentist chair that Dustin Hoffman did in 'Marathon Man' than watch this show.

Chris, you must have a huge home supply of novacaine.



In truth, there were nights I ~needed~ novicaine to sit through the performances of some of those horrific contestants. But I am a sucker for a talent show---a tradition that goes way back. I liked the house band, and even last night, I was treated to a brief performance by George Benson. :)

Perhaps I am wrong here, because I watched only the first season of the German outlet of this show. Incidentially, it was called "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" (Germany looks for the Superstar), but it had one major drawback: The Jury.

I couldn't believe they nominated Modern Talking "singer/creator" Dieter Bohlen, because this musical light-weight hadn't even the simplest idea of what music is about. (His usual songs have something like three different tones, being hit rhythmically and some high-pitched electric vocals by his companion and later arch-enemy Thomas Anders)

Perhaps this is better in the US, if you have a really qualified jury. I was just pi***** off by Mr. Bohlen, because he really insulted those people, who could even perform better than he ever had...

That's been the last time I watched such a singer-talent show, because it really wasn't fair or good and the "output" of those shows is neither

Well the finale of AI just aired here in the UK. What a moving finish! Carrie certainly deserved her victory - at least to my tastes she's had that extra sparkle all the way along, and I'm sure Bo will go on to a successful singing career also.


These talent shows do tend to be a little hit and miss - some of the Pop Idol winners (the UK version) and even runners up have gone on to great success, others have been one hit wonders. I'm sure the former will be the case here.

And George...lighten up man! :-)


Hey, Matthew, I ~knew~ you'd be delighted with the choice! :) Actually, I think she'll be very good in the country-pop arena, which is the style that I most enjoyed her in.

As for the judges, Max: The initial picks were made by the judges, but this year, they got rid of the celebrity judges, and kept their standard three here in the US. Ultimately, of course, the judges were the people with the fastest fingers on the re-dial button. I could not even get through ~once~ to register a single vote; the lines were always busy.

Anyway... I think I still like Mario Vasquez, the guy who bowed out before the competition went anywhere. :)



Max - I think I misunderstood your previous post: you're actually complaining about the judges right? I'm sorry, I thought you were talking about one of the contestants!! :-)