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The Ayn Rand Centenary: Taking It Personally

Another one of my articles marking the Ayn Rand Centenary was published online. This one was previously published in the April-May 2005 issue of The Free Radical and makes its debut on SOLOHQ today:

"The Ayn Rand Centenary: Taking It Personally" (A PDF is now available here.)

Comments welcome, but readers are encouraged to join the discussion here. (See also here.)

Update: I posted a comment in the SOLO thread here and here.


Too bad you picked that site for it. I would have liked to read it but there are just some places i won't go.

But, fan, it's well worth the effort of holding your nose to do it.

Hey "fan"... the implications of your well-meaning comment have actually inspired me to post a whole new entry on Notablog. It's your fault.


Check it out here (cut and paste):



PS - The PDF of the article is now available here.