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Classic TV: "24" and "The Fugitive"

I am really not going to say too much about "24" because I have too many friends who have yet to see the finale. However, even they should stop reading now. Spoiler Alert! I just wanted to share one or two thoughts ...

It was a really terrific season, with a suitably nerve-racking finale.

But those last frames of the finale ... the lone man walking down the train tracks ... well, it reminded me of those famous frames from the first episodes of "The Fugitive." It almost seemed like an homage to that classic television series, starring David Janssen. And how apropos. (BTW, when will that great series be released on DVD? It was like a weekly Morality Tale... )

When the credits appeared at the end of "24" and the voiceover told us about next season (which won't debut till January 2006), well, the narrator was right: If you think you've seen it all on this series, "You Don't Know Jack."

Bravo to the best show on television... four years running.

Comments welcome.

Update: This post was noted at LFB by David M. Brown. See also here.


I second Chris' great praise for "The Fugitive" (the original one). And I concur that this year's run of "24" was terrific. Really great stuff. This whole season was the best since around 1:00 PM of the first season. The second half of season 1 was pretty lame, IMO, and seasons 2 and 3 were uneven, suffering from too much "making-it-up-as-we-go" which made the plot twists gratuitous, made later acts defeat earlier acts, and (esp. in season 2) had too much Kim silliness. But this year was absoutely fantastic. And a great ending, which sets up next season. I hope the story picks up _after_ Jack's had a chance to grab some sleep though.

hehehe... so true, Aeon, so true... and, uh, perhaps a bathroom break too. :)

Seriously, it's really a fine series. It will be very interesting to see what they do next.