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Homonograph Cited

I call it my "homonograph" (as in "homosexuality monograph") and it has gotten a little press the last couple of days, thanks to comments by Arthur Silber here and here.

So let me take this opportunity to recommend to your attention that short book, Ayn Rand, Homosexuality, and Human Liberation; it is sold at the site of SOLO HQ (which includes a group called SOLO Homo) and Laissez Faire Books. (In addition, check out my comments at SOLO Homo here, here, and here.)

Update: A little discussion has bloomed at SOLO HQ on the topic of sexuality, feminism, and identity politics. I've added a comment here.

Comments welcome.


Good manners required that I start over there, but I've come to your defense, Chris... er, ah, I think I have, over at The Autonomist forum.

That was a bold, and in some respects, shattering statement, Jim. The story of your brother was inspiring.

Thanks for sharing it.

Readers may wish to follow that discussion here (cut and paste):