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New Rozsa CD

A new hybrid SACD recording of three choral suites for "Ben-Hur," "Quo Vadis," and "King of Kings" will be released at the end of April by Telarc. See here. I hope to post a review once I've had the opportunity to pick up the CD and listen to it.

The release is discussed at the Miklos Rozsa Society Forum as well (where I asked a technical question here, with follow-up here). There's also another one of those "artistic integrity" threads at that forum, started by moi, here. I have some follow-up thereafter, which also continues here.

Comments welcome.


You need to ask my brother about these things. He just sent me the same link about this and he is quite familiar with the latest audio and video standards.

Hey, Timur... Stan actually sent me a link to it at the same time that the Miklos Rozsa Society forum was discussing it.

Stan tells me that the SACD is a hybrid, and it should be playable on a standard CD player too. Either way, can't wait to hear it! The audio clips are terrific.