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New Rand Centenary Tributes

There are a few new items on the Ayn Rand Centenary with a "Sciabarra angle." First, my review of the Max Steiner film score to the 1949 movie version of "The Fountainhead" has been published online. It appeared in the December 2004 issue of Navigator, a publication of The Objectivist Center, and can be read here. (I also note the review at SOLO HQ, which includes follow-up discussion here. See also the Ayn Rand Meta-Blog).

Second, my reflections on the Rand Centenary were also published in the December 2004 Navigator, as part of a forum called "Honoring Ayn Rand." I discuss "Ayn Rand's Radical Methodology"; this can be found by scrolling down here.

Third, my work has been cited in articles by Carlin Romano (in the Philadelphia Inquirer) and Cathy Young (in Reason magazine). Additionally, writer Scott McLemee mentioned my work in an NPR interview dealing with the "Life and Legacy of Ayn Rand." See here (and follow the links to an archived audio of the show).