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Blog Update

A number of people have wondered why they can't use the comment function at "Not a Blog." I try to remind my readers that this is "Not a Blog." :) Well, okay, it's more blog-like than ever! But it is still primarily an index to writings that appear in other venues, and at those other venues, all of you can comment on my work as often as you like! I encourage it! And I usually respond! (Unfortunately, you'll still see the word "comment" accompanying every blog entry here, even though the function has been disabled. But that's just something that can't be avoided; it's part of the software with which NYU provides me.)

Of course, if any reader would like to send me personal comments, my email box is always open: chris DOT sciabarra AT nyu DOT edu

I have been busy with a number of tasks this week, including my editing of the forthcoming Spring 2005 issue of The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies (our second Centenary symposium issue, which will focus on "Ayn Rand Among the Austrians"). I've also been proofreading the forthcoming issue of The Free Radical, and involved with various research and writing projects. One of these is a review of Objectivist Peter Schwartz's 2004 book, The Foreign Policy of Self-Interest: A Moral Ideal for America; the review will be posted in five parts at Liberty & Power Group Blog starting Monday, December 6th.

A few other updates to mention: My pal Chip at Binary Circumstance has a few links to all the hoopla over the film "The Incredibles," which refers to my various posts.

And I posted a frivolous reply to Lindsay Perigo on a SOLO HQ thread dealing with Joseph Rowlands' "Transitioning to Self-Interest."

My "Song of the Day" ritual continues uninterrupted, however; expect tributes to some of my favorite Frank Sinatra songs starting December 12th (Ol' Blue Eyes' birthday) and tributes to some of my favorite holiday songs starting Christmas Eve.