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Ayn Rand, Homosexuality, and Human Liberation

Pages:  viii + 62 pp, with a preface by Lindsay Perigo
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Release Date:  11 November 2003

This monograph is an expanded, revised and fully re-edited version of a controversial five-part Free Radical magazine series (links to which appear below).  A combination philosophical exegesis, sociological study, and political tract, it examines Ayn Rand's impact on the sexual attitudes of self-identified Objectivists in the movement to which she gave birth and the gay subculture that she would have disowned.


Ayn Rand, Homosexuality, and Human Liberation


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Links to the Original Series and Related Sites

"Objectivism and Homosexuality -- Again,"  The Free Radical  48 (August/September 2001):  20-21.  Discussion is archived.

"Objectivism and Homosexuality, Part 2:  The Rattigan Society," The Free Radical  49 (October/November 2001):  34.  This part was republished on the site of The Rattigan Society.

"Objectivism and Homosexuality, Part 3 in a Series:  The Horror File," The Free Radical  51 (April/May 2002):  28-31.   Discussion is archived.

"Objectivism and Homosexuality, Part 4 in a Series:  The Times They are a Changin'," The Free Radical  52 (June/July 2002):  10-14.  Discussion is archived.

"Objectivism and Homosexuality:  Ayn Rand and Beyond," The Free Radical  53 (September / October 2002):  29-31. [Warning:  Contains Nudity.  Please note:  The conclusion of the series was republished in its intended form in The Free Radical  54 (November 2002/February 2003):  38-40; notices on the series were published in the newsletter of the Society for Lesbian and Gay Philosophy (Winter 2003): 4-5; and notices on the monograph were also published in the SLGP newsletter (Fall 2003):  4].  Discussion is archived.

See also the SOLO HQ "Objectivism Q&A:  Ayn Rand and Homosexuality" (June 2003--)

And Lindsay Perigo's "SOLO Proudly Announces..." (11 November 2003).  Discussion is archived.

A SOLO Initiative (see also here).

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