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NAVIGATOR, TOC LOGBOOK (July / August 2003):  2.

"TOC Monographs Are Reviewed"

In this brief note, in a section of Navigator called "The Objectivist Center Logbook:  News and Announcements for Members," the magazine notes that "Sciabarra, who edits The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies and whose biographical sketch of Ayn Rand is published by TOC," has written a review essay on Rand scholarship in the January 2003 issue of Philosophical Books, featuring "recent publications by The Objectivist Center."  Navigator adds that "the presence of this review, with the prominence it gives to Ayn Rand, marks a notable milestone in TOC's efforts to enhance the appreciation of Objectivism among professional intellectuals."


This Logbook issue notes a number of Sciabarra items:

Leap Publishing has published Dr. Chris Matthew Sciabarra's monograph, "Ayn Rand, Homosexuality, and Human Liberation." The project is a Sense of Life Objectivists initiative.

Sciabarra has also authored entries on "Ayn Rand" for both the Encyclopedia of New York State and the Encyclopedia of Libertarianism; an entry on "Nathaniel Branden" for the Encyclopedia of Libertarianism; and an essay on libertarianism that deals partially with Ayn Rand in the forthcoming International Encyclopedia of Economic Sociology.

Sciabarra is a visiting scholar in the New York University department of politics.

TOC member Roger Bissell is both a professional musician and a scholar. He recently toured the upper Midwest with a Disneyland-based jazz group, the Side Street Strutters. Bissell is normally a member of the Disneyland Band, but this was a spin-off-group tour; he plays trombone in both groups. In his role as scholar, Bissell presented a paper at the 2003 TOC Advanced Seminar and has an article in the Spring 2004 issue of The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies entitled "Art as Microcosm."

The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies (JARS) has issued a call for papers on the subject of "Ayn Rand and Friedrich Nietzsche." They state that "the aim of this forthcoming issue…is to trace the similarities and the differences between these thinkers in metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, politics, and aesthetics."

Writers should send their proposals as soon as possible to Chris Sciabarra. Completed manuscripts will be due by July 1, 2005, and the journal does not anticipate publication before 2006, due to the review process.

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