Current Members
As of March 2010

image Christopher K. Haley is a senior studying Chemistry. He is currently investigating the electron transfer properties of a controlled-length triazole polymer linked porphyrin-fullerene C60 dyad. Outside of the lab he enjoys going to the Opera and catching a Broadway show.

image Sabrina Kirner is a visiting student from the University of Erlangen, Germany. Her research focuses on synthesis and photophysical studies of Porphyrin-Fullerene supramolecular assemblies. Away from the lab, Sabrina enjoys cooking and sightseeing in New York City.

image Dr. Jackson D. Megiatto, Jr. is a postdoctoral researcher associate. His research mainly focuses on understanding the fundamental principles of electron and energy transfer processes in electron donor-acceptor supramolecular systems. Dr. Megiatto is also interested in the development of new synthetic methodologies for the preparation of non-trivial topological molecules, such as catenanes and rotaxanes. In his free time, he can be found playing soccer with his friends at Central Park.

image Matt Pierson is a junior studying Biochemistry and Economics in the College of Arts and Science. In the Fullerene Group, he is investigating a new class of donor-acceptor systems. In his time away from the laboratory and classroom, he enjoys dining out at New York City's restaurants with his girlfriend and staying active by regularly going to the gym.

image Nathan Psota is a junior studying Biochemistry and Philosophy in CAS. He is currently investigating the absolute configuration of 2,5-disubstituted fulleropyrrolidines, specifically the 2,5-dimethyl fulleropyrrolidine compound. Outside of the laboratory, he enjoys yoga, volunteer work and Broadway shows.

image Robert Spencer is a senior in the B.S./M.S. chemistry program. In the laboratory, he currently studies porphyrin-fullerene photosynthetic compounds with rotaxane architectures, as well as bioactive fullerene derivatives of C60. In his spare time, he enjoys teaching chemistry and engineering courses, playing guitar, designing websites and spending time with his dog.

Name Location Status
Christopher Alabi Cal Tech Ph.D. Candidate
Phil Baran Scripps Research Institute Professor
Shirley Bassani-Tehrani NYU Medical Center Medical Student
Paul J. Bracher Caltech Postdoctoral Fellow
Jingrong Cao Vertex, Inc. Staff Scientist
Van Cayetano    
Peng Cheng    
Elbert Chin    
Adnan Diwan
Michael Fazio Food and Drug Administration Staff Scientist
Jason Flamendorf NYU, CAS Student
Robert Fong Univ. of Chicago M.D./Ph.D. Candidate
Robert Harrits NYC Schools High School Teacher
Russell Hatch   Teacher
Bill Jackson Columiba University Medical Student
Peter D. Jarowski University of Sussex Lecturer
Anton Jensen Central Michigan University Associate Professor
Nikolas Kaprinidis Ciba Specialty Chemicals Application Scientist
Zachary Katsamanis SUNY Stony Brook Clinical Professor
Austin N. Kirschner Northwestern University Medical Student
Paul Krawczuk Scripps Research Institute Ph.D. Candidate
Olivia Lee U.C. Berkeley Ph.D. Candidate
Seung Lee
George Lem
Sueki Leung UCLA Ph.D. Candidate
Ke Li DuPont Central Research Senior Scientist
Qing Lu Novartis Research Chemist
Qingyi Lu Univ. of California Staff Scientist
Markham Luke CDRH, FDA Staff Scientist
Shaun MacMahon Food and Drug Administration Staff Scientist
Moshe Markowitz
Hai Mi WuXi AppTech, Shanghai
Valdet Nikci   Medical Student
Berthold Nuber
Joshua H. Palmer Cal Tech Ph.D. Candidate
Bradley Pua NYU Medical Center Medical Student
Chris Richardson Novartis Staff Scientist
Joel Rosenthal Univ. of Delaware Assistant Professor
Igor Safonov
Dmitry Shkurin Maimonides Medical Center Resident Physician
Xuefei Tan Ariad Pharmaceuticals Staff Scientist
Sean Vail SHARP Research Labs (WA) Senior Engineer
Alex Volodarskiy SUNY Downstate Medical Student
Dr. Steve Wilson Danville, VA  
Yunhui Wu Merck Staff Scientist
Michael Yurchenko    
Aviv Zalcenstein NYU Law School Law Student
Shiqiang "Andy" Zhang    
Hong Zhao Solutia, Inc. Staff Scientist

Professor Silvia Braslavsky, Max-Planck-Institut fur Strahlenchemie, Mulheim, Germany. Singlet Oxygen and Photophysical Studies.
Professor R. James Cross, Yale University. 3He NMR Studies.
Professor Luis Echegoyen, University of Miami, Department of Chemistry. Electrochemistry.
Professor Dirk Guldi, University of Erlangen. Photophysical Studies.
Professor Alfred Holzwarth, Max-Planck-Institut fur Strahlenchemie, Mulheim, Germany. Picosecond Fluorescence Lifetime Measurements.
Dr. Ahsan Khan, New York University, Department of Chemistry. Photosensitized Singlet Oxygen Formation.
Professor Haim Levanon, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Time-resolved EPR Studies
Professor Raymond Schinazi, VA Medical Center and Emory University Medical School. Determination of Antiviral Activity and Toxicity of Fullerene Derivatives.
Professor Christopher Smart, Vassar College. Chiral Metal Complexes of Fullerenes.
Professor Mark Tuckerman, New York University. Fullerene derivative calculations.
Professor Donald Wolff, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Nitric Oxide Synthase.