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This pamphlet describes various methods of contraception.


Boric Acid - - - - - - - - 0.6 gram Salicylic Acid - - - - - - 0.12 Quinine bisulphate - - - - 0.2 Resorcin - - - - - - - - - 0.12 Oleum theobromae - - - - - 5.0

For one Suppository

[Tales] Doses XII.

Insert one 5 to 7 minutes before and allow to melt.

If the cocoa butter in the above is objectionable, as it is to some people, the following jelly can be used instead. This should be dispensed in a collapsible tube, with a long nozzle, from which it can be directly injected as required:

Boric acid - - - - - - - - 1 dram Salicylic acid - - - - - - 10 grain Quinine bisulphate - - - - dram Chondrus jelly - - - - - - 4 oz

Inject a quantity equal to about 2 teaspoonfuls before. When the vagina is capacious it is safer to use about 4 drams.

In any case a subsequent douche makes for additional safety. It is best to syringe lying down unless a bulb syringe with whirling spray is used. Solutions of peroxide of hydrogen (4 tablespoonfuls of the regular peroxide to 1 quart of water) or of boric acid (2 per cent) are entirely non-injurious.

Where expense is a consideration, proceed as follows: buy a 1/4 pound cake of cocoa butter, 5 drams of boracic acid, 1 dram of salicylic acid and 1/12 drams of quinine bisulphate. Melt the cocoa butter in a little dish over a gentle fire; as soon as it is melted remove it from the fire, put in all the other ingredients. stir well with a clean wooden stick or glass rod and let it cool. After the mass has become almost but not quite solid cut it in 30 pieces of about equal size.

Another simple and cheap method which is appreciated by the women of the proletariat is the following: buy a pound of white petrolatum; mix it thoroughly with two ounces of boracic acid. Before intercourse take a piece of cotton about the size of a large egg, put a string around its center, dip it in the borated petrolatum and insert. After intercourse, remove by aid of string.

Another good method is for the wife to insert beforehand a sponge about the size of her fist, dipped in boric acid solution (4 per cent). If the sponge is of the finest quality--one of the so-called “silk” sponges--this is unobjectionable and efficient. It is best to douche after removing the sponge, but this need not be done till later, and in most cases it is safe even to leave it until morning. The sponges have a string attached to them which makes their removal easy.

A condom, (either rubber or so-called “fish-skin,” the latter being preferable) or a well-fitting occlusive pessary is efficient and non-injurious, for those who do not object to their use.

The injection of a small quantity of glycerin (about 1/2 an ounce has recently been found to be as efficient as anything else.

While there is no day in the month on which the human female may not conceive, still conception is less likely to take place at some periods of the month than others.

The ten days immediately following menstruation are the most favorable for conception, while the week preceding menstruation is the least favorable. In fact some claim that during the six or five days preceding menstruation, every woman is sterile. This is not so. But that conception during that time is less likely to take place is well established. And that some women are absolutely sterile in those days is also a fact.

A few drops of Sol. of Sodium Hypochlorite (or Hychlorite) in water is extremely efficient.

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