Margaret Sanger, " [Continence] ," n.d..

Autograph draft article. Source: Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection , Margaret Sanger Microfilm: Smith College Collections S73:0041 .

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Continence is one of the methods of BC.

So is Sterilization, so is the Mechanical or Chemical Method.

Any one of which may be advised or chosen by to suit individual lives.

But--no one can impose any one method upon a whole population.

Continence--partial or absolute is a Method which for some people, especially the Unmarried may be practiced with very little strain on the nervous system but for married lovers, full of life, vitality, vigor, with a deep love for each other such to impose upon this couple a condition of continence is wrought with serious dangers not only to the nervous system but to the harmony & peace of the home.

Young couple, husband truck driver told to practice continence.

Morality comes from within Ford’s [one word illegible] houses.

The desire for continence if it comes from sublimating of the sex forces, usually means there is a lowering of vitality or an increasing interest in some other activity using up the creative forces. This may happen to either one of the married persons, but seldom does it the desire come to both at the same time for any long period.

No good night kisses. No tenderness, no cuddling, no holding hands, danger signal all.

Premium on barrenness where sex

sex communion without desire for children can be akin to music or prayer, almost never is sex desire accompanied with the desire for children. That comes with love, respect etc.

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