National History Day

The Margaret Sanger Papers Project encourages students working on National History Day to consider projects based on Margaret Sanger and the birth control movement. To that end we have mounted brief topic guides.

Topic Guide Archive:

Debate & Diplomacy in History: Successes, Failures, Consequences

The Individual in History: Actions and Legacies

Conflict and Compromise in History

Taking a Stand in History

Communication in History: The Key to Understanding

Rights and Responsibilities in History

Revolution, Reaction, Reform in History.

We do ask that you begin your research using the resources on this web site and secondary readings before contacting the Project with any follow-up research.

Due to the number of students involved in National History Day, Sanger Project staff cannot participate in student projects as interview subjects except in extraordinary circumstances.


Many students working on Sanger-related topics have won NHD competitions using the resources gathered by the Sanger Project. If you have won a National History Day competition using Sanger documents, please let us know by e-mailing

Below are some of the latest winners:

Connor Davies, Senior Individual Performance, for "Nine Days of Innovation for a Lifetime of Change" about Margaret Sanger's birth control clinic in Brooklyn. (Maryland, 2010)

Alayna O'Bryan, individual exhibit on Margaret Sanger (Minnesota, 2010)

Michelle Woodruff, Senior Individual Performance for her project on "Margaret Sanger and the Birth Control Movement." (Tennessee, 2010).

Sarah Goolsby, third place, Senior Individual Paper, "Innovation Through Disobedience: Margaret Sanger's Social Impact." (Missouri, 2010)

Cailin Nolte, Kyra Ellis-Moore and Emily Williams, "Margret Sanger: Crusader for Contraceptives" (Outstanding State Entry, New Mexico, 2009).

Sophie Yates, Senior Individual Performance, National Finalist, for "Margaret Sanger: A Voice of Controversy." (Tennessee, 2009)

Evan Arnold, Senior Historical Papers, National Finalist for "Margaret Sanger." (Kansas, 2009)

Georgetta Robinson, first place in district competition, senior paper, for “Remembering Margaret Sanger” (Kansas, 2009)

Emma Cooper, second place in the Maine Junior Individual Documentary competiion, for "Margaret Sanger, The Pioneer of Birth Control." (Maine, 2009)

Rachel Maremont and Nina Das, first places in the Group documentary competition in the Greater Boston Area Competition for "Margaret Sanger: Pioneer for Contraception" (Massachusetts, 2009)

Elle Ross, Senior Historical Paper, for "Margaret Sanger: Actions and Legacies of the Champion of Birth Control" (Vermont, 2009)

Monica Caballeros-O'Rourke, National Finalist in Senior Individual Performance, for "Margaret Sanger Story." (Michigan, 2008).

Darya Pruitt, Rose Olson & MacAulay Steenson, Honorable Mention for Junior Group Exhibit, "'No Woman Can Call Herself Free' Margaret Sanger and the Birth Control Movement" (State History Day, Minnesota, 2008)

Lynn Williams, first place in Senior Individial Exhibit category for her work on Margaret Sanger (Vermont, 2006)

Connie Tran of Pascagoula High School took third place for her poster exhibit on Margaret Sanger. (Mississippi, 2006)

Sophia Nguyen and Neha Mukunda, won the New Jersey's Junior Group Performance with their presentation, "Margaret Sanger: A General in the Battle for Birth Control, A Soldier in the War for Women's Rights." (New Jersey, 2006)

Annie Kjar and Jesa Wolthuizen, "The Woman Rebel--Margaret Sanger--Taking a Stand by Giving Women a Choice" (Iowa, 2006)

Chelsea Gilchrist and Josie Gomez, came in third place in the junior division for their documentary, "Margaret Sanger and the Birth Control Movement," which placed third in the junior division. (Hawaii, 2006)

Keanna Cohen, "Margaret Sanger: Her Stand for Birth Control" individual senior project, division winner (New Mexico, 2006)

Isabella Lugo, won an honorable mention in the Junior Division Performances for her "Margaret Sanger: Taking a Stand for Women's Rights" (Georgia, 2006)

Tarresha Poindexter, Katherine Campbell-Morrison and Allison Tillman, were national alternates for their group performance of "Margaret Sanger and the Birth Control Revolution." (Cleveland, OH, 2005.)

Lauren Korthof, Senior Individial Finalist for "The right not to be a mother: Margaret Sanger & Birth Control" (Waukesha, WI, 2003)

Chloe Woodward's project "Margaret Sanger: The Woman Rebel". (National, 2002)

Alexandra Bispo, Sara Hunt, Lauren Blum, "Margaret Sanger: A Woman Rebel," (Monteray County, CA, finalists, 2002)

Trina N. Assur, "Margaret Sanger: Woman Rebel" (Connecticut, 2002)

Scott Buckley, "Margaret Sanger" (Delaware, 2002)

Casey Lynch and Tiffany Zehner, "Margaret Sanger: Champion of Birth Control" (Pennsylvania, 2002)

Michelle Cordes, "Margaret Sanger and Birth Control in America" (National, 2001)

Nicole Desrosiers, "Margaret Sanger" (Massachusetts, 2001)

Martha Graham's "Margaret Sanger's Work: The Development of Birth Control" (Ohio, 2000)

Latasha Hailey, "Margaret Sanger: A Woman Rebel" (Maryland, 1999)

Susan Frreman's article, "Women's History in the New Millennium: The Next Generation of Scholars," JOURNAL OF WOMEN’S HISTORY, VOL. 12 NO. 1 (SPRING 2000) describes Serene Myers's winning individual performance project on Margaret Sanger. (1999, North Carolina, National)