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Incoming NYU Students Package

One of the objectives of the Politics Data Center Lab is to provide support in computing technologies to our incoming students. The following is a simple guide to our incoming students about the must-have package, which involves one editing software -LaTeX- and two statistical ones -Stata- and -R- as described below.


LaTeX is a freeware high-quality typesetting system that runs on top of a TeX typesetting system, including features designed for the production of technical and scientific documentation.

For instructions on how to install the LaTeX package, getting started, and more useful information, go here.


R is a freeware and very powerful tool for statistical computing. It has built in routines for the standard techniques. But the flexible and elegant programming language also allows for "cutting-edge" techniques (e.g., Machine Learning) to be programmed by the user with relative ease.

For instructions on how to install R on different OS, go here.

A popular add-on is RStudio, a free and open source integrated development environment for R. To know more about RStudio or download RStudio IDE, you can visit the following website.

For NYU politics datalab materials on R go here.


Stata is a licensed statistical package for managing, analyzing, and graphing data, developed by StataCorp. It combines features from both Graphic User Interface oriented software as well as command or syntax based approaches.

To learn more about the alternatives available to acquire Stata, please contact politics.datahelp@nyu.edu.

For NYU politics datalab materials on Stata go here.

Other resources

We have tutorials and other resources on ArcGIS, text analysis, QGIS, Python, Webscrapping and so on. You can find this resources in here.