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The U.S. Constitution: 200 Years of Anti-Federalist, Abolitionist, Feminist, Muckraking, Progressive, and Especially Socialist Criticism - Table of Contents <DIALECTICAL MARXISM: The Writings of Bertell Ollman
The U.S. Constitution: 200 Years of Anti-Federalist, Abolitionist, Feminist, Muckraking, Progressive, and Especially Socialist Criticism

Table of Contents

   Introduction: Bertell Ollman   1

  1. Prehistory of the Constitution
    1. "Shays' Rebellion"   Howard Zinn   13
    2. "The Articles of Confederation"   Merrill Jensen   18
    3. "The Establishment of a National Union"      Louis M. Hacker   25
    4. "The United States in the World-Economy"   John Agnew    29

  2. What Actually Happened in Philadelphia
    1. "The Spirit of the Constitution: A Progressive Introduction"   J. Allen Smith   37
    2. An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution"   Charles A. Beard   39
    3. "The Antifederalists"   Jackson Turner Main   60
    4. Selections from Anti-Federalist Critics   73
      1. Patrick Henry   73
      2. Mercy Otis Warren   79
      3. Brutus   85
      4. "None of the Well-Born Conspirators"   89
    5. "The Constitution and Slavery"   Frederick Douglass   91
    6. "A Compact With Hell"   William Lloyd Garrison and the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society   96
    7. "Slavery and the Founding Fathers"   W. E. B. Du Bois   97
    8. "Women and the Framers"   Sylvia A. Law   106
    9. "The Voice of Madison"   Daniel De Leon   110
    10. "Social Forces and the Constitution"   Algie Simons   116
    11. "The Founding Finaglers"   Gustavus Myers   125
    12. "The People's Two Bodies: The Declaration and the Constitution"   Sheldon S. Wolin   130

  3. Struggles over Constitutional Interpretation and Practice
    1. "The Constitution as an Elitist Document"   Michael Parenti   141
    2. "The Second American Revolution"   Gore Vidal   163
    3. "Court over Constitution"   Ferdinand Lundberg   187
    4. "The Second American Revolution"   Eric Foner   201
    5. "The Third American Revolution"   I. F. Stone   208
    6. "Corporations Are Not Persons"   Ralph Nader and Carl J. Mayer   214
    7. "The Second Reconstruction: Assessing the Civil Rights Movement"   Manning Marable   217
    8. "Freedom of Speech"   David Kairys   223
    9. "Women and the Constitution"   Joan Hoff   231
    10. "On the Bicentennial of the Constitutiion: A Marxist View"   Herbert Aptheker   247
    11. "Some Truths Are Not Self-Evident"   Howard Zinn   261

  4. Toward a More Adequate Theory of the U.S. Constitution
    1. Law and Constitutionalism in Capitalist Society: Excerpts from the Writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels   267
    2. "Theses on the Capitalist State"   Bertell Ollman   273
    3. "The Development of Legal Ideology"   Michael Tigar with Madeleine R. Levy   279
    4. "The Rule of Law"   E. P. Thompson   285

  5. Appendices
    1. "Ruling Class Intent"   Woodrow Wilson   297
    2. "Economic Bill of Rights"   Franklin D. Roosevelt298
    3. "A Bicentennial View from the Supreme Court"   Thurgood Marshall   300
    4. Constitution of the United States of America and Amendments   306

       Index   329