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Kiki & Bubu explain the neoliberal shift in labor relations

How to Take an Exam…& Remake the World <DIALECTICAL MARXISM: The Writings of Bertell Ollman From the back cover

How to Take an Exam…
& Remake the World

Bertell Ollman
Who are you kidding? No one is completely satisfied with the grades they get on exams or with the life that comes along with it. This book explains why, shows how the two are related, and—with the help of stories, jokes, cartoons, games, myths, statistics, pop quizzes, personal anecdotes, generally hidden facts, practical advice, some analysis and a dash of theory—tells you what you can do to ring the bell on exams and in life. No kidding!

"No student can afford to be without How To Take an Exam… and remake the World authored by a famous professor who reveals the inner secrets of his trade. Don't miss this book, if you want to learn how to beat the system, that is the exam system as well as the political one."
PROF. JAMES O'CONNOR, Editor of Capitalism, Nature, Socialism, and formerly Professor of Sociology, University of California—Santa Cruz

"A delightful tour de force that entertains while it educates… An invaluable tool both for taking exams and examining society." DR. MICHAEL PARENTI, noted author and lecturer

"Humorous, scary and angry… The tips Ollman offers about examinations are flawless, and the wisdom he presents about political economy communicates by anecdote and example rather than by programmatic analysis."
PROF. ANDREW ROSS, Editor of Social Text, and Director, American Studies Program, New York University

"Bertell Ollman has brought together radical scholarship and a hilarious sense of humor to produce this unique book… A wonderfully readable, humorous and critical primer on taking exams and taking on capitalism."
PROF. IRA SHOR, Professor of English, City University of New York

"A wonderful combination of Oxford scholarship and clarity, Marxist insight, Jewish humor, and revolutionary pedagogy, i.e. Ollman at his best."
PROF. SAVAS MICHAEL, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Athens, Greece

BERTELL OLLMAN, Professor of Political Science at New York University, is the author of many books, including Alienation, Social and Sexual Revolution, and Dialectical Investigations. He is also the inventor of the board game Class Struggle, a left-wing version of Monopoly. In the 1980's, he co-organized the first conference on radical humor.