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Dialectical Investigations - Table of Contents <DIALECTICAL MARXISM: The Writings of Bertell Ollman
Dialectical Investigations

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements   ix

General Introduction   1

  Part I: Introduction to Dialectics
1. The Meaning of Dialectics   9

  Part II: Advanced Dialectics

2. Putting Dialectics to Work: The Process of Abstraction in Marx's Method   23
  1. The Problem: How to Think Adequately about Change and Interaction   23
  2. The Solution Lies in the Power of Abstraction   24
  3. How Marx's Abstractions Differ   27
  4. The Philosophy of Internal Relations   33
  5. Three Modes of Abstraction: Extension,   39
  6. Levels of Generality, and   53
  7. Vantage Point   67
  8. The Role of Abstractions in the Debates over Marxism   78
  Part III: Dialectical Investigations

Preface   87

3. Theses on the Capitalist State   89

4. Why Do We Need a Theory of the State?   94

5. Toward a Marxist Interpretation of the U.S. Constitution   102

6. The Regency of the Proletariat in Crisis: A Job for Perestroika   109

7. The Ideal of Academic Freedom as the Ideology of Academic Repression, American Style   119

8. Studying History Backward: A Neglected Feature of the Materialist Conception of History   142

9. How to Study Class Consciousness...and Why We Should   147

Select Bibliography on Marx's Dialectical Method   180

Index   184