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Kiki & Bubu explain the neoliberal shift in labor relations

Alienation: MARX'S CONCEPTION OF MAN IN CAPITALIST SOCIETY <DIALECTICAL MARXISM: The Writings of Bertell Ollman From the dust jacket


Assistant professor, Department of Politics
New York University

In this book, the most thorough account of Marx's theory of alienation yet to have appeared in English, Professor Ollman reconstructs the theory from its constituent parts and offers it as a vantage point from which to view the rest of Marxism. The book further contains a detailed examination of Marx's philosophy of internal relations, the much neglected logical foundation of his method, and provides a systematic account of Marx's conception of human nature. Because of the widespread interest in Marx and in alienation, this book will appeal to a considerable range of readers—to philosophers, historians, sociologists, anthropologists, political scientists and psychologists, as well as to those interested in Marx's economic theory and in radicalism in general.

'...far the most comprehensive and original book on this aspect of Marx's thought. Ollmans's work is very scholarly: he has an extremely good knowledge of all of Marx's writings and also of the secondary literature, and uses this knowledge to great effect. There is no book giving such a comprehensive account of Marx's writings. Even more importantly, Ollman's approach is original: using the tools of linguistic philosophy, he sets out to examine Marx's use of language and succeeds in showing that much criticism of Marx is due to an inadequate appreciation of the way he used concepts. Ollman's work is thus bound to be regarded as a serious and original contribution to the current debates about the interpretation of Marx.'

DAVID MCLELLAN, author of The Young Hegelians and Karl Marx and Marx before Marxism.

'Dr Ollman's book is "a serious work, rich in original ideas, that strikes out on a path other than that followed by traditional Marxologie".'

MAXIMILIAN RUBEL, editor of 'Études de Marxologie', author of Karl Marx, essai de biographie intellectuelle and other books and articles on Marxism.

'Bertell Ollman's treatment of value and alienation—two of the central themes of Marxian political economy—is clear and authoritative, the best I have yet seen from the pen of an American.'

PAUL SWEEZY, editor of Monthly Review and author of The Theory of Capitalist Development and Monopoly Capital.