Values-in-Design Council

The Values-in-Design Council is a multi-disciplinary team of experts in values-in-design who will work alongside the four recipients of the National Science Foundation's Future Internet Architecture Initiative (FIA) large projects grants, announced August 31, 2010. Council members will serve as analysts and consultants to the FIA projects, helping to identify junctures in the design process in which values-critical technical decisions arise; locating design parameters and variations that differentially call into play relevant values; for and with respective projects, developing rich conceptual understandings of relevant values; for and with project investigators, operationalizing values to enable transition from values conceptions into design features; with FIA investigators, examining the interplay of values embodied in design with respective values embodied in law and policy; and where possible, verifying values in design through prototyping, user testing and other empirical analyses. These activities are all components of Values-in-Design (VID), an approach to analyzing and designing technology.

Council Members

Yochai Benkler, Harvard Law School
Geoffrey Bowker, School of Information Science, University of Pittsburgh
Finn Brunton, School of Information, University of Michigan
Paul Dourish, Department of Information and Computer Science, UC Irvine
Batya Friedman, The Information School, University of Washington
Alexander Galloway, Department of Media, Culture & Communication, NYU
Tarleton Gillespie, Department of Communication, Cornell University
James Grimmelmann, New York Law School
Chris Hoofnagle, Center for Law & Technology, UC Berkeley
Deborah Johnson, Department of Science, Technology & Society, University of Virginia
Deirdre Mulligan, School of Information, UC Berkeley
Helen Nissenbaum (PI), Department of Media, Culture & Communication, NYU
Paul Ohm, University of Colorado Law School, University of Colorado at Boulder
Phoebe Sengers, Department of Information Science and S&TS, Cornell University
Luke Stark (RA), Department of Media, Culture & Communication, NYU
Michael Zimmer, School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Council Member Bios

The Values-in-Design Council is supported by NSF Eager: Values in Design in the Future Internet Architecture, CNS/NetS 1058333.

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