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This site is a community resource for the study and implementation of values in design (VID) reflecting a broad spectrum of theories, methodologies and disciplinary approaches. We invite contributions from researchers, practitioners, and public interest advocates. If you have news, projects, or events you would like to see featured, we would love to include them. Please come back often and watch the site grow!



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CHI 2014 Workshop on Values & Design in HCI Education: Call for Participation

How do we teach future engineers, designers, and citizens to understand values issues that arise in the design of technologies, and to identify and embody specific values in design? This one-day workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners in HCI, information science, product design, the learning sciences, educational technology, and related fields to share and develop research, strategies, and tools for teaching about values and design in HCI. We will consider learning environments from classrooms to conference workshops, industry events and more. Through group discussion and exercises, participants will develop solutions to the challenges of theorizing, describing, and teaching about values and design. See more.

10/23/2013: Reclaim Your Name: Privacy in the World of Big Data

In NYU-Poly's third, eagerly anticipated Sloan Cyber Security Lecture, Federal Trade Commissioner Julie Brill explores the expanding collection and use of Big Data in the marketplace, recognizing the challenges it presents for consumers and businesses--as well as for agencies like the Federal Trade Commission, responsible for safeguarding both. Commissioner Brill embraces the enormous benefits offered by Big Data analytics, but also believes it presents fundamental challenges to traditional notions of individual privacy. She encourages the highly decentralized community of Big Data purveyors to adopt practices that follow laws that already govern the way data can be used and calls for industry to engage in robust de-identification of consumer data. She concludes by taking us through her comprehensive initiative, "Reclaim Your Name," to give consumers knowledge and tools to reassert control over their personal data. RSVP to attend here.

10/4/2013 PROGRAM: Media and Literature at NYU

PROGRAM is a collaborative, interdisciplinary event series organized by graduate students within New York University’s departments of Media, Culture, and Communication, English, and Comparative Literature. The series will present talks that explore the cultural, historical, aesthetic, and political impact of software and programming logic. The goal of the series is to create an interactive space for the exploration of emerging practices across media and literature, both online and off. The lecture series is open to the public, and is intended to facilitate a dialogue on the intersections of these fields. More information is available here.

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Values in Design Council

Functioning as part of the NSF Future Internet Architecture Project, the Values in Design Council serves as a multi-disciplinary team of experts in the social analysis of digital information technologies. The team acts as analysts and consultants to the FIA projects, helping to identify junctures in the design process in which values-critical technical decisions arise.

Intel Science & Technology Center for Social Computing

Launched in June of 2012, the Intel Science and Technology Center (ISTC) for Social Computing will conduct foundational research into the relationship between information technology and society. Centered at the University of California-Irvine, the center brings together an interdisciplinary group of researchers from leading universities across the United States, including experts in social media, digital culture, user interfaces, cultural computing, and participatory design.

The ISTC for Social Computing is part of a network of Science and Technology Centers established by Intel in support of advanced research in information technology, including sister centers in Visual Computing, Pervasive Computing, Cloud Computing, Secure Computing, Embedded Computing, and Big Data.



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