Selected Activities:

The Social, Culture & Ethical Dimensions of "Big Data," with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the NYU Information Law Institute and the Data & Society Research Institute.

Symposium on Obfuscation

Governing Algorithms: Conference on Computation, Automation and Control

Workshop on Personal Health Portfolios: Technology, Usability and Policy

Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Security and Privacy (CRISSP)


Values-in-Design Council


Privacy Research Group

Information Law Institute

TrackMeNot: Privacy Through Obfuscation

Adnostic: Targeting Without Tracking


Modulated Cities: Networked Spaces, Reconstituted Subjects, Situated Technologies book series.

Privacidad Amenazada.

Privacy in Context: Technology, Policy, and the Integrity of Social Life, Palo Alto, CA: Stanford University Press.

Review of "Privacy in Context", Morozov, E. "e-outed," The Times Literary Supplement. March 12, 2010.

Academy and the Internet, Co-edited with M. Price. New York: Peter Lang Publishing Company, 2004. View Cover & Table of Contents.

Computers, Ethics, and Social Values, Co-edited with D. Johnson. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1995.

Emotion and Focus, Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1985. Available from the Center for the Study of Language and Informations.

What's New:

NYU Security Research Seminar

NYU Information Law Institute Welcomes Research and Postdoctoral Fellows

Seda Gurses
Nathan Newman
Heather Patterson
Joris van Hoboken
Elana Zeide
Malte Ziewitz

$1 million gift from Microsoft to fund NYU Information Law Institute Fellowships

Intel Science & Technology Center for Social Computing

NYU Participates in ISTC

White House Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights

Selected Articles:

Political and Ethical Perspectives on Data Obfuscation, with F. Brunton.

Sustaining both Privacy and Open Justice in the Transition to Online Access to Court Records: A Multidisciplinary Inquiry, with A. Conley, A. Datta, and D. Sharma.

From Preemption to Circumvention: If Technology Regulates Why Do We Need Regulation (and Vice Versa)?

A Contextual Approach to Privacy Online

Vernacular Resistance to Data Collection and Analysis: A Political Theory of Obfuscation, with F. Brunton.

TrackMeNot 2.0: Enhancing the privacy of Web Search, with V. Toubiana and L. Subramanian.

On Notice: The Trouble with Notice and Consent, with S. Barocas.

TrackMeNot: Resisting Surveillance in Web Search, with D. Howe.

Facial Recognition Technology: A Survey of Policy and Implementation Issues, with L. Introna.

Personal Data: The Logic of Privacy, in The Economist.

Embodying Values in Technology: Theory and Practice, with M. Flanagan and D. Howe.

Commons-Based Peer Production and Virtue, with Y. Benkler.

Terms of Service: A Play in One Act, presented at The Symposium on Information Intermediaries in the Information Society

Will Security Enhance Trust Online, or Supplant It?

New Research Norms for a New Medium

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