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Thirty-Ninth Annual Winter Conference
The Neurobiology of Learning & Memory

January 3-6, 2015
Park City Marriott Hotel
Park City, UT

The Thirty-Ninth Annual Neurobiology of Learning and Memory Conference is organized by Pamela Kennedy and Brock Kirwan together with Raymond Kesner, Sheri Mizumori, Aryeh Routtenberg, Craig Stark, Os Steward, and Wendy Suzuki, and is supported in part by the Department of Psychology, University of Utah. The sessions are organized so that one-half of the time will be available for discussion. There will be time-keepers who will make certain that the formal presentations do not extend beyond the allotted time. Furthermore, we will strongly encourage a limit of 5-7 slides and suggest that the first slide summarizes the "take home message."

Material presented at this meeting should not be cited in bibliographies. It should be treated as personal communication and should be cited as such only with consent of the author. For the Data Blitz session (only), please give the title, presenter, and ppt slide (no more than one slide) to Pamela Kennedy. If you would like to present at this session please send an email to Pamela Kennedy ( with the title of your presentation by December 1, 2014. A projector for power point slides presentations will be available. Data blitz slides should depict no more than FOUR pieces of data. This means 4 figures, plots, tables, images, diagrams, etc. While the best slide format should only have a ONE data point to convey, additional background data or control experiments sometimes necessitate additional figures or plots and thus the "4-to-a-slide" rule. Animations are only allowed in so far as the slide content appears in order and to help convey the slide's data. Under no circumstances should animations be use to "scale" figures up and down such that more pieces of data can be accommodated on the slide. Data blitz slides that do not fit with these criteria will be returned to the presenter for editing.


January 3-6, 2015
Park City Marriott Hotel
Park City, Utah

The scientific sessions are held in the late afternoon and evening, leaving the day free for recreation and informal discussions.


  • $200.00 for regular participants - Payable at registration on January 3 from 3-4pm in the hall outside of Ballroom 1 at the Park City Marriott Hotel.
  • There is a reduced fee of $100.00 for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Banquet on Tuesday, January 6th. The banquet will cost $40.00 per person.
  • The Pizza Party will be free for participants and guests.
  • Rooms for the Marriott hotel are based on a single rate for $219 or double rate for $219. If you plan to stay at the Marriott Hotel, they can be contacted directly at (435) 615-4547 or 1-800-228-9290.
    Please make your reservation by Nov 17 and request a room booked by the Neurobiology of learning and memory conference for the rate of $219.00 per night. In order to avoid paying higher prices for the hotel room, please make the reservation before November 17. Furthermore, we have booked a certain set of rooms and if they are not reserved by November 30, the conference will have to pay for the rooms, resulting in higher conference registration costs in the future.
  • You can also book online at the Marriott.


Transportation from Salt Lake City International Airport to Park City (approximately 40 miles) is available in all forms: bus, limousine, cab, rental car, etc. Park City Marriott Hotel provides a courtesy shuttle bus during peak periods to the ski area and downtown Park City. The fare is free and times vary with demand. Inquire at the hotel desk for further information. Park City offers a ski shuttle service from the ski area to area hotels. The fare is free and the shuttle departs the ski area on the hour and every 20 minutes with the exception of no run at 2:00 pm. Park City Marriott Hotel also provides for discount tickets for the three ski resorts in Park City.

If desired, ski rental and ski repair (e.g. waxing, tuning, and sharpening) are available at the hotel.

For more information email Wendy Suzuki at

See Program for full schedule of events.