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Peptoid Data Bank



Welcome to the Peptoid Data Bank.

The PeptoidDB serves to provide the scientific community with a comprehensive source of all known, experimentally determined, high-resolution, three-dimensional peptoid structures. While currently the number of X-ray crystal and NMR structures is limited, it is our hope that this database will provide researchers with convenient structural information that will allow the database to expand, providing more insight into peptoid conformation.

Currently, the PeptoidDB provides CIF files for published peptoid structures. We intend to add improved search features to allow users to navigate the database more easily.

The PeptoidDB is hosted and maintained at New York University, including the efforts of the Kirshenbaum and Bonneau labs. Currently, graduate student Justin Leh is responsible for building the infrastructure, web interface, and addressing any usage problems that might occur. Your comments and feedback will help make the PeptoidDB a better and more useful tool, and are much appreciated. Concerns, suggestions, and feedback can be sent to

Please continue on to access available files and explanations of how the PeptoidDB works, here.