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My favorite tree is the Ohio Buckeye tree in my neighbor's backyard. It is large with different sized branches. It grows clusters of tiny whitish green flowers. When fall comes, it grows buckeyes.

The tree is 32 feet high and over three feet around. It is about 30 years old.

As I stand next to my tree, I feel very peaceful, especially when the wind rustles the leaves. I also feel playful because the rope ladder and the swing remind me of playing and having a great time.

Sometimes it reminds me of memories and my friends.

- Zoe

c. Zoe
Grade 4
Thomas Jefferson Magnet School
Euclid, Ohio USA

"The Buckeye Tree"
Pencil and Colored Pencil on Paper 9"X12"

Ohio Buckeye
Latin Name: TBA
Age: 30 years old
Circumference at 54 inches from the base: 36 inches
Location: Euclid, Ohio USA

Date: Sat, 3 Oct 1998 20:57:58 -0400
From: Paul & Debbie Sutter 
Subject: Latin Name for Ohio Buckeye

    I am formerly of Ohio and a search on the Buckeye brought me to Zoe's
page. I noticed the genus species name was to be announced. The Latin name
for the Ohio Buckeye is: Aesculus glabra. Thanks for the wonderful drawing

Paul Sutter

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