Kirsten Zahn

Bucyrus' Biggest Oak

"This is a fine example of an English Oak Tree, or in Latin terms, Quercus Robur. It measures 20 feet in circumference and has a diameter of 7 feet. It is growing in the side yard of my family's property in Bucyrus, Ohio. It is the biggest tree I have ever seen and it is the largest in our surrounding area. One fact that I learned last evening from a local historian was that the first owners of our home had a very interesting ritual with the tree. When I a family member died, they took the blood from their body and poured it around the base of the tree. Now if this is true I donŐt know, but I thought it was an interesting piece of local folklore. I hope you all like this tree as much as I do. I have grown up around and played in and have some great personal memories of my own.
-Kirsten Zahn

© Kirsten Zahn
"Bucyrus' Largest Tree"
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Common Name: English Oak
Latin Name: Quercus Robur
Circumference: 13 feet
Location: Bucyrus, Ohio USA

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