Glen Rice

Here's a photograph I made of my favorite tree.

This is a Bur Oak, the Missouri State Champion Bur Oak, in fact.

It is 84 feet tall with a spread of 116 feet. It has a circumference of 272
inches at 54" above the ground.

The big tree is located on the Williamson farm, about a mile from McBaine,
Missouri, in the Missouri River floodplain. There are no other trees near it.
It's about 350 years old. There were some fears locally that it would not
survive the Great Flood of 1993, but despite standing in six feet of water for
awhile, the tree survived without problems. (I can send you a gif of the tree
underwater, or you can see it at,
if you're interested.)

The big tree has been a favorite local destination for generations. It's a
great spot for picnics, or just to visit. It's also very photogenic, surrounded by
open fields. I try to visit the big tree every few months. I've often thought
of climbing it, but that would require bringing out ropes or a ladder, which would
really be cheating. Besides, the big tree is too big to be climbed by mere

Glenn P. Rice

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