Student Project


Trees are a very important part of my life. They lend a sense of peace and security in the midst of a chaotic world. When I'm walking in the forest by myself, with the sunlight reflecting off the leaves and the smell of the pine around me, I feel like I'm alone with the world. I feel as if everything in the bustling atmosphere of humans is but a fair shadow or a faint brief memory of a harsh time. Trees are the very essence of god. When I'm within trees, a real sense of wholeness and quiet happiness is mine.

c. Manny
ALbert Lowry High School
Winnemucca, Nevada USA

Pencil on Paper 9 "X12"

Bristlecone Pine
Latin Name: Pinus Aristata
Age: 4,600 years
Circumference: TBA
Location: Great Basin National Park
Ely, Nevada

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June Julian