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Interactive Tree Chaos Series

Please open the Tree Images below and feel free to interact with them with an Image Manipulation program such as Photoshop, or print them out on your printer making changes with conventional art materials, and e-mail them back to this site
Tree Chaos #1
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Tree Chaos #2
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Tree Chaos #3
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"In the midst of doing compositional studies from the photo with acetate and marker, I realized that the studies themselves were pretty interesting. From there, it was off to the photocopier where I turned and flipped the transparencies. From there, I reassembled the photocopies into their final form and added the colored lines in marker. I've made several discoveries while doing this project. The first is that even though I've lived in Flemington, New Jersey for most of my life, this is the first time that I actually saw my tree (it's on Main Street). About 100 yards behind my tree is a newly built prison on land that used to be a playground. Furthermore, I have definitely anthropomorphized my tree, seeing several distinct faces and human body elements in its bark and limbs."

© Josh 1996
Grade 12
Gill St. Bernard's School
Gladstone, New Jersey USA

Tree Chaos Series
Xerox and Marker on Paper 8 "X14"

Latin Name: TBA
Age: Unknown
Circumference: TBA

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