Ecology Art Education On-Line: A World Community of Old Trees"

June Julian

Submitted in partial fulfillment
of the requirements for the degree of
Doctor of Education in the
Program in Art Education
Department of Art and Arts Professions
School of Education
New York University

Sponsoring Committee: Professsor David W. Ecker, Chairperson
Professor John Gilbert
Professor Millard Clements

© 1997 June Julian
All rights reserved

Chapter I
Introduction: Tree Deep

This study grew out of my love of nature, cultivated by diverse wilderness experiences in Colorado and New Mexico, and from a long involvement with ecology issues both in my own painting and in teaching art to young people. Because the specific theme of this ecology art research project is old trees, in this introduction I will present a short overview of the tree paintings that were the studio impetus for this study. After that, I will give a brief background of the student ecology work that led up to the current ecology art project on the World Wide Web, "A World Community of Old Trees."
(to be continued...)

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