Ecology Art Education On-Line: A World Community of Old Trees"

June Julian

Submitted in partial fulfillment
of the requirements for the degree of
Doctor of Education in the
Program in Art Education
Department of Art and Arts Professions
School of Education
New York University

Sponsoring Committee: Professsor David W. Ecker, Chairperson
Professor John Gilbert
Professor Millard Clements

© 1997 June Julian
All rights reserved

Chapter VIII

What Should Be the Case?

What began five years ago as a personal labor of love to paint the oldest, largest, or most noteworthy trees that I could find, has through the Web project, "A World Community of Old Trees," evolved into a global group effort. Project participants from first graders to senior citizens, representing 17 states and 8 countries, have sent in their images, stories and facts about the most extraordinary trees in their world. This study was initiated with the objective of examining the potential of the World Wide Web as a medium for communication and exchange for an ecology art project. How naive to think that I could assess the potential of an entity so vast and so synergistic! I may as well have set out to examine the potential of the human spirit itself, for that, of course, is what propels the Web. With regard to the Web's potential as applied to this ecology art project, I was able to make some observations, and I will share them here.
(to be continued...)

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