Student Project


Within the never ending borders of the trees, I feel lost though I know I am not. The trees seem to carry on a life of their own. You can place yourself in a whole new world, blocking out the hustle and bustle. Walking among the numerous ranks of the towering trees, I feel a presence of welcome, yet they are protecting a secret. The secret of life and balance with nature we have seemed to ignore. Stress is taken out of your soul giving a sense of divinity and upliftment. Trees hide the world from you and let you live the life we all were meant to.

c. Calli
ALbert Lowry High School
Winnemucca, Nevada USA

Silver Scratchboard 9 "X12"

Bristlecone Pine
Latin Name: Pinus Aristata
Age: 4,600 years
Circumference: TBA
Location: Great Basin National Park
Ely, Nevada

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June Julian
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