Bosco del Cansiglio

In the summer of 1995 when I was in Venice, Italy with the New York University "Studio Art in Venice" program, I went to visit the Bosco del Cansiglio, a famous ancient forest that in the 1500's supplied the republic of Venice with 3,000 oars per month! It is located about one hour and a half north of Venice in the pre-Alps, very near the town of Vittorio Veneto. Only a few of the original "faggi" (beech trees) remain.

When I was there, the "Guardia Forestale" (forest ranger), took me to see two of the oldest faggio trees that still exist from the 14th century! When I saw those ancient gnarled specimens I felt like I was looking at living history books whose roots reached from the slopes of the "bosco" (forest) to the Venetian lagoon. By some miracle, they were touching me too, an artist who lives in New Jersey!

I made a short one-minute video, "Bosco", where I try to show the connection that I felt between the Bosco and my own life.

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