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Panama City Palm

The Palm tree that one sees around the landscaping in Panama City Beach, Florida is the Bismarkia Nobilis. A guess at the tree's circumference is 85 inches and this particular tree is located at the Howard Johnsons in Panama City Beach, Florida. Palm trees can grow up to 20 meters and this one was around 12 meters high so it is difficult to determine its age. I really like the look of Palm trees and I chose this tree because one year a friend of mine dared me to try to climb a Palm Tree on spring break. In doing so, one of my roommates took a picture on my camera without me knowing it. It was so memorable and funny at the time, that now I climb a Palm tree and get a picture taken every beach trip. Something interesting that I had only learned this summer is that the bark on a Palm Tree are actually the dried leaves that have been trimmed. And in tourist areas you will see the bark trimmed so closely that it appears smooth and only towards the top of the tree you can see the dried spike-like leaves.
-Brenda Bills


© Brenda Bills
"Panama City Palm"

Common Name: Palm Tree
Latin Name: Bismarkia nobilis
Circumference: approx 85 inches
Location: Panama City Beach, Florida USA

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