A World Community of Old Trees

Participating Artists

Here is the list of artists, in addition to myself, who have sent in their artwork so far:

Pierre de Kerangal

Oscar Beck "Beeches", at Stronghold Mansion, Bernardsville, NJ

Nancy J. Schneider "One", Hand Colored Gelatin Silver Print

Glen P. Rice Black and White Photographs

Peggy Hansen "Tucson's Largest Tree", Computer Graphics

Marilee Miller

Philippe Lejeune"The Plywood Forest," Paintings

Craig Brown Computer Manipulated Photo

Anton Krajnc "Dark Forest," Paintings

Berenice D'Vorzon Root Series

Jerome Hutin, Photographer of the Oldest Trees of the World, Web Photo Album

Richard P. Thomas "Arbutus", Acrylic Painting

Sultan Zeyad

Emine Sarsilmaz"

Don Macnaughtan Photographs of The Bristlecones of Windy Ridge, Colorado

Jurgen Hufner Photographs of Old Trees - Explore his Baumgalerie!

Alternative Gallery Artists' alternative interpretations of the project

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