Roxanne Arbaugh-Dicken


Sugar Maple

"This is an example of a Sugar Maple. It may not be noted for being the biggest or the oldest, but this is a very special Maple. This tree was planted 18 years ago from a small sapling that was found in the woods on our property. My Father and I planted this tree in the front yard of my new home. This Sugar Maple has survived a wind storm that took 10 feet off the top, 3 years ago. It was planted in clay soil in my front yard and I am amazed that the poor thing is still growing. My Father passed away 11 years ago and every time I look at this tree it reminds me of him. It is not 20 feet tall with a 1 foot diameter. With the care that this tree receives, it will be around a long time.
-Roxanne Arbaugh-Dicken


© Roxanne Arbaugh-Dicken
"Sugar Maple"

Common Name: Sugar Maple
Latin Name: Acer Saccharinum
Circumference: 20 feet
Location: Albany, OhioUSA

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