Alternative Gallery

Several artists have sent in art works containing tree imagery that represents alternative interpretations of this project. Because I value their contributions, I am creating this special space. Please keep watching!

Lindy Lyman

Sally Elliott

Fred Montgomery

Mel Alexenberg
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 1996 
From: Mel Alexenberg 
To: jj68@NYU.EDU
Subject: trees
Miami artist Miriam Benjamin and I are doing a set of art works linking the
four corners of America: Miami, San Diego, Seattle, and Portland (Maine).
It would be wonderful to connect with your tree project documenting an
old tree and/or planting a new one in each city.  We are collecting earth
from all fifty states that could be mixed together and placed at the roots
of each of the four corner trees.  Bill Clinton sent me earth from the White
House lawn.

Celia Freese

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