Exemplary Student Papers

Evolution at NYU (V23.0058)

The following papers may be obtained as PDF (Portable Document Files) that can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 (to get Acrobat Reader, click here). To download the paper, click on the title.

Note: Because of scanning problems, some figures or tables are missing. However, the full text of the papers is included in each case. Listed papers that still have no links will be posted soon.

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Jennifer Apodaca and John Mattessich. 1997.
The effects of endocrine-disrupting chemicals on survivorship and fecundity.
A potential cause for extinction?
(1.3 MB)

Wai Chi Chan, Christian Salazar, and Jaroslaw Wegiel. 1997.
Defining the tree of life:
Archaea's place in the evolutionary sphere.
(6.1 MB)

Shekib Dastagir, Kim Di Minni, Jeff Pritsky, and Hamid Saadati. 1997.
Evolution of leks. (3.6 MB)

Tejas Desai, Mandeep Kaur, and Suzan Runko. 1997.
Relaxation of selective pressures in modernized populations. (9.8 MB)

Helene Horowitz, Jay Huang, and Samuel S. Lin. 1997.
How birds have come into existence.

Marianna Melnikova, Bianca Nazzaruolo, and Haibin Xie. 1997.
The evolution of fungi. (0.18 MB)

Anupam Nigam, Jimmy Ng, and Trustin Ennacheril. 1997.
The molecular evolution of arthropod and molluscan hemocyanin:
Evidence for apomorphic origin and convergent evolution in oxygen binding sites.
(3.7 MB)

Chirag Shah, Viren Amin, and Harit Desai. 1997.
Proposal on dinosaur extinction.

Julie Silverstein. 1997.
Humans' closest relative.
(Researched and presented in cooperation with Constantina Bacopoulou and Deborah Berner, who submitted similar papers.)

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