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Resources available for downloading or viewing include databases, data and software.  Click on the name of the resource for more information or click on the [Go to] or [File type] "buttons" to access the resource directly.



  • WSRN (Worm Systematics Resource Network) is a group of people with laboratories that maintain living stocks of nematodes. Through their generosity and cooperative spirit, these researchers and educators have made this resource available to the general scientific community for comparative biology, systematics, population biology and education. Because much of this material is UNPUBLISHED and the stocks listed in this database are used in the research initiatives of the investigators who keep them, please seek the permission of these researchers before you use these strains.  Any commercial interests should certainly be discussed with these researchers.  WSRN is currently a database only for STRAIN DESIGNATIONS. The database is currently just a means to find strains of particular species and their strain designations (along with a synonymization of all other strain designations that have been used previously for any particular strain).  Especially with the taxonomy of Rhabditidae in such a fluid state, it is essential to maintain some kind of unique, constant identifier for strains (indeed, for any biological materials) that are used by different investigators for different studies. This is the only way that consistency can be assured among different studies. Therefore, please use ONLY the unique, "senior" strain designations, and not the synonyms.  Funding is currently being sought to expand the scope of this database to include morphological and molecular descriptions of species and complete taxonomic information.
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  • CODEVOLV (our software for codon evolutionary analysis)
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  • PopGen2 and SIMUL8 (simulation software from Joe Felsenstein for population genetics studies and instruction)
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