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Click here for the Syllabus for Fall 2000.

Paper/Presentation Guidelines

Click here for Guidelines on the preparation of your assigned paper and in-class presentation.


The following "textbooks" are used as the main source of reference material (may be purchased at the NYU Bookstore or elsewhere):

  1. Charles Darwin.  1859.  On the Origin of Species.  1st ed.  Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachussetts.  ISBN 0-393-30448-5.   A fascimile edition with an introduction by Ernst Mayr.  (Buy your own copy of this classic at the bookstore.)
  2. Richard Dawkins.  1986.  The Blind Watchmaker.  W. W. Norton, New York.  ISBN 0-674-63752-6.  A lucid treatise on the mechanism of natural selection and some of the evidence for descent.  (Buy from bookstore.)
  3. Douglas J. Futuyma. 2005. Evolution. Sinauer Associates, Sunderland, Mass. ISBN 0-87893-187-2.  A good textbook to be used as a reference to the lectures; often provides more in-depth information than will be presented in the lectures or expected of students, but does not cover all topics in lectures.

Additional readings required or suggested (see lecture notes for any particular section) will be put on reserve in Bobst Library (Washington Square).


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