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Evolution at NYU

These pages are designed as reference supplements to the course on Evolution (V23.0058) at New York University (College of Arts and Sciences) taught by Prof. David Fitch in the Department of Biology.

Prerequisites:  To take this course, you must have taken Principles of Biology (V23.0011-12) and preferably Molecular and Cell Biology (V23.0021-22), Genetics, or the permission of the instructor.  An understanding of fundamental genetic principles is required.

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About the organization of these pages

The pages are organized by topic, not necessarily by lecture.  Therefore, the "Lecture notes" on particular pages may correspond to only part of a lecture or to a couple of lectures.

There are several ways to navigate this site:

  1. Sequentially:  On each page, there are "buttons" on the left side that will lead you (1) back to this "Home" page, (2) to the "Course Info" page that can direct you to pages detailing the organization and requirements of the course itself, or (3) to the "Course Material" page that allows you to surf through the subject matter that is explored in this course in lecture notes, exercises, simulations, and so on.  At the bottom of each page are "buttons" (with and without a graphic) that will lead to "parent", "child", or "sibling" pages relevant to your current area of the site.
  2. Using the Site Tree:  On the left side of each page there is a "button" labeled "Site Tree".  If and only if your browser has Java capability, clicking on this button will start a little "applet" program that will show you the hierarchical organization of this site as a "tree" (interestingly similar in structure to the organization of the classification systems for living organisms).  As your mouse pointer travels over the tree, different icons are highlighted that represent pages in the site.  Clicking on a particular page icon should bring you to that page.  If your browser is not completely compatible with this applet, you may find it useful simply to copy down the structure of the site and use the navigation buttons described above.  If this applet is completely incompatible with your browser, you will find the syllabus page useful as a jump site (described next).
  3. Via the Syllabus:  The syllabus page not only depicts the organization of the lectures, but also serves as a jump site for all other pages via hypertext links.  A "button" for the syllabus page is now installed at the left border of each page below the "Site Tree" button.

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About these pages

As always, the main sources of information for which students are responsible are the lectures and readings from the textbooks and material placed on reserve in Bobst Library.  These pages are only designed as supplementary material and are not meant as a substitute for lectures or readings!

This site will contain lecture notes, sample exam questions, exercises, and links to supplemental information, simulations and software FTP sites.

These pages are under construction, and as such represent an incomplete project.  Your patience is appreciated as the site is slowly being evolved.  Please do not use any of this material for commercial use or resale.  The author(s) reserve(s) all rights for the reproduction and use of this material.  (Of course, students taking this course may copy any of these pages for sole use in their studies.)

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About the professor

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For information about the professor's research interests and scholarship, click here.

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Additional information

If you have any specific questions, please e-mail the instructor:

Prof. David H. A. Fitch
Department of Biology
New York University
100 Washington Square East
New York, NY  10003

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