Head of Lab:   Ralf J. Sommer              Address:   Max Planck Institut fur Entwicklungsbiologie
Contact:                                    Spemannstrasse 35/V
Tel:    49-7071-601-371                      Tubingen
Fax:     49-7071-601-449                     72076              Germany

species strain availability source
Acrostichus sp. 1 PS2026 Consult Lynn Carta before distribution. PS
Aduncospiculum halicti JB120 Consult Claudia Dolinski or Jim Baldwin. JB
Brevibucca sp. 1 SB117 SB
Diplogasteroides sp. 1 SB151 SB
Goodeyus ulmi PDL0020 Freely available on agar. PDL
Koerneria sp. 1 SB110 Consult Ralf Sommer or David Fitch. SB
Mononchoides carinatus SB184 SB
Pristionchus lheritieri RS105 Consult Ralf Sommer. ES
Pristionchus maupasi RS104 Consult Ralf Sommer. SB
Pristionchus pacificus PS312 At the CGC. PS
Pseudodiplogasteroides sp. 1 PDL0008 Freely available on agar plates. PDL
Rhabditidoides sp. 1 SB196 SB
Rhabditoides inermiformis SB158 Consult David Fitch before distribution. Subject to
sharing authorship when used for 18s rDNA sequencing.

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