Works under Review

Policy Feedback in the Long Term: The Political Repercussions of the Vietnam Draft, Forty Years after the Last Lottery Number was Called for Inductiont (with Tim Johnson)

Numbers Assigned in the Vietnam-Era Selective Service Lotteries Predict the Military Service of Children Born to Draft-Eligible Men (with Tim Johnson)

Assessing Causal Pathways between Physical Formidability and Aggression in Human Males (with Michael Bang Petersen)

Genes, Personality Traits, and the Sense of Civic Duty (with Aaron Weinschenk)

The Relationship between Genes, Personality Traits, and Political Interest (with Aaron Weinschenk)

Works in Progress

The Electoral Effect of Stop-and-Frisk (with Woo Chang Kang)

A Polygenic Score for Educational Attainment Predicts Voter Turnout (with Sven Oskarsson, Karl-Oskar Lindgren, and Aysu Okbay)

It Runs in the Family: A Study of Political Candidacy among Swedish Adoptees (with Sven Oskarsson and Karl-Oskar Lindgren)

Impulsivity and Voter Turnout (with Aaron Weinschenk)

Does Revealing a Nudge Affect Trust? An Experimental Investigation of Policy Default Disclosure (with Tim Johnson and Bettina von Helversen)

Political Inequality, Centralized Sanctioning Institutions, and the Maintenance of Public Goods (with Tim Johnson and Han Il Chang)

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