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Graduate courses

Quantitative Political Analysis I (core course for Ph.D. students)
G53.1250 and POL-GA 1250
Fall 2014 (evaluations), Fall 2012 (evaluations, lecture notes),
Fall 2011 (evaluations)

IR Seminar: International Conflict and Intervention
G53.3700 and POL-GA 3700
Spring 2015 (evaluations), Spring 2013 (evaluations),
Fall 2010 (evaluations)

Undergraduate courses

IR Lecture: War and International Intervention
POL-UA 994
Spring 2015 (evaluations)

IR Seminar: War and International Intervention
POL-UA 795
Spring 2013 (evaluations)

IR Senior Honors Seminar (supervision of senior theses)
Spring 2012 (evaluations)

International Politics (introductory IR course for undergraduates)
V53.0700 and POL-UA 700
Spring 2012 (evaluations), Spring 2011 (evaluations)